Lemon and Lime Drizzle Cake….



This moist and delicious cake is straightforward to make using the all in one method and is great for feeding a teatime crowd. The five egg cake mixture is baked in a large rectangular tin and should cut into 16 decent sized pieces. The finished cake has a lovely citrus tang and needs no icing.

For the cake you will need:

a large rectangular baking tin, 22cm wide x 32cm long x 6cm deep

5 large free range eggs

the weight of the eggs (in their shells) of:

          – softened butter

          – self raising flour

           – caster sugar

2 rounded teaspoons of baking powder

4 tablespoons of milk

the rind of 1 large juicy lemon or 2 smaller lemons

the rind of 1 lime


For the drizzle topping you will need:

200g of caster sugar mixed well with the juices of the lemon and the lime


  • line the baking tin with greaseproof paper
  • preheat the oven to 180°C
  • place all of the ingredients for the cake mixture either into a large mixing bowl or a food mixer
  • beat the ingredients together until the mixture is smooth and creamy – it should be a soft, dropping consistency
  • pour the cake mixture into the baking tin and roughly level the surface
  • bake the cake for approximately 40 minutes, or until it is golden brown and springy to the touch
  • leave the cake in the baking tin to cool  (the cake needs to be left in the tin so that when the drizzle is poured over it is able to soak into the sponge)
  • when the cake has been out of the oven for about 20 minutes, pierce the cake in several places and then pour the sugar and juice mixture over the surface. Leave the cake in the tin so that it may soak up every last drop of the juicy syrup
  • when the cake is completely cold, cut it into as many pieces as you require!

For a change, the same cake is also delicious made with oranges and lemons!




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