Peach Melba Cake….

A traybake is a great way to make a cake go a long way as it may be cut into any number of pieces. A good basic recipe may be adapted into a different cake every time you make it by the addition of different flavours and today’s version uses a tin of peaches and a handful of raspberriesThe baking tin I used measures 32cm long by 23cm wide and is 6cm deep, but of course the quantity of ingredients may be amended to fit a different size tin if necessary.

Grease and line the baking tin and preheat the oven to 180°C. Open and drain the tin of peaches in a sieve, rinsing off any juice or syrup. Leave them to drain whilst preparing the cake mixture. Put about 75g fresh raspberries in a separate bowl.

Weigh 5 free range eggs in their shells. Whatever this weight is, measure out the same amount in caster sugar, softened butter and self raising flour, plus an extra 50g of self raising flour. Mix everything together in one bowl and beat the mixture well until it is smooth and creamy (this may of course be done in a food mixer or with a hand beater). Spread the cake mix into the prepared baking tin and roughly level the surface. Chop the drained peaches into chunks and scatter them over the cake mix, together with the fresh raspberries.


Bake for about 50 minutes, or until the cake is golden and springy to the touch. During cooking the peaches and raspberries will gently settle themselves down into the cake mix so that an apparently plain cake will reveal hidden treasures when cut into pieces. Before serving, dust the the surface of the cake with a light sprinkle of icing sugar. This cake  is delicious served warm or cold!


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